Det 41-60 USS Independence

photo courtesy of Frank W. Schrader
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Detachment 41-60 VFP-62 "Barrow's Bears"

Front row (left to right):
Ken Horton, Dewey Ward, Chief C.C. Falls, LTJG B.C. Lee, LT B.A. Clark, LCDR J.C. Barrow (O-in-C), LTJG J.F. Jakubczak, LTJG R.A. Huttig, Chief R.D. Goetz, John Fessenden, Gary Philbert, Vincent Blake, Spencer Wood

Second Row:
Dave Swanson, Phil Bossie, Frank Schrader, Rudy Rudd, Clint Houser, John "Nuggy" Schueneman, Charles Worley, James Mizell, Van Bartkus, Danny Young, Ernie Adler, Vincent "Zeke" Zabicki, Paul Williams, Bob Cooper

Third Row:
"Rich" Richardson, Carrol Calhoun, Bruce Agee, Tommy Thompson, Greg Banser, Ivey Lee "Plunkett" Kight, Dave Hendleman, Rick Stoltenberg, James Howard, R.P. Smith, M.T. Nelson, Dave Pendelton, Bill Kerr

Taken on the flight deck of the USS Independence (CVA-62) in Naples, Italy during the 1960-'61 Mediterranean cruise (the Indy's first Med' cruise).

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