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In his memory:

Capt. Edwin (Ed) L. Kiem VFP-62's first Skipper:

Updated: October 12, 2008

Capt. Edwin (Ed) L. Kiem VFP-62 Skipper 1957-1958

Capt. Edwin L. Kiem, 91, died 8 September 2008. He was 91. He developed a severe case of pneumonia. Massive quantities of antibiotics could not beat it this time. He passed peacefully with his family at his bedside.

Capt. Bob Kiem, son

Capt Kiem was my first CO. I reported to VFP-62 in June 1958. He observed the customs that made the Navy the service of choice. At the time the squadron was very large with "Banjos", "Panthers", "T-33s", RF8s and probably another model that I have forgotten.

Inside the door at his quarters at Cecil was the silver plate reserved for engraved calling cards of his visitors. I was trained to schedule a Sunday evening call with your new Skipper and do NOT overstay your visit!

You could not get away with that with Ed. He and Mrs Kiem were extremely fine hosts and it was impossible not to overstay because they shared "Much welcomed advice " to new Navy couples!

Though our path never crossed again I will always have fond memories from his Command!

P J Smith, [VFP-62 pilot 1958-62]

Webmaster's Note: Capt Bob Kiem contributed many photos of VFP-62's early history, with Capt Ed Kiem as it's first Skipper. "Capt. Ed Kiem's Scrapbook" can be found on our "Squadron History Page". To see Bob Kiem's tribute to his father, click to go to: Capt. Bob Kiem's Web site

Also, for more information go to this site's "VFP-62 Skippers" and "Sea Stories" Page 5, "Dunking the Skipper" by George Rodgers.


Updated: September 10, 2008

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