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Cdr. George Lawniczak  
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In his memory:

Commander George Lawniczak
VFP-62 circa 1960-62

Updated: June 17, 2015

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    Memories and Tributes

  • Cdr. Lawniczak was a pilot with the USS Independence (CVA-62) VFP-62 detachment "Stapp's Snappers." He retired after 22 years service, and passed away on May 29th [2015] age 82. We attended his funeral service in Orlando FL.

    Maggie Ryan (Navy wife, retired)

  • (6/17/15):George Lawniczak , USNA '55 and I were in the same company at USNA. I was USNA'56.

    We were both in VFP-62 and assigned to Larry Stapp's DET 62 for USS Independence shakedown May- August 1959.

    We were shipmate roommates and got along well. George was a very intelligent individual and a very good Naval Aviator.

    Later when we were "re-qualing" on the FDR-CVA-42 George noticed an unsafe gear light and alerted Pri-Fly. George stated, correctly, that he was going to pull the emergency air blow-down because that is what the procedure calls for. We both knew that this would not help the situation but the AAR board would fault him if he did not!

    On a very good approach and landing one of the main landing gear folded when the retraction process started. The F8U-1P was put on jacks in the hangar bay for seemingly weeks while Mal Raffo, LTV Tech Rep and George figured it out. A failed O' ring allowed emergency bottle air to unlock side of valve on the Landing gear and it folded as designed. I may be wrong but I think that the o'rings were replaced and the bird was put back in the air.

    George was a very well liked GUY!

    Capt. P. J. Smith USN (ret.)

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