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Capt. W. C. Larry  
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In his memory:

Capt. Walter Charles "Chuck" Larry

Updated: July 22, 2015

Captain Larry died on Jan 6th, 2003, from Progressive Supra-Nuclear Palsy. He retired in 1984 after 41 years of service. He was buried at sea aboard the USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70) at 0700 on December 27,2010. Location is N20-29. 54 W159-18.24.

Laura Larry VanDeusen, youngest daughter

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    Memories and Tributes

    L-R: "Larry's Legion" detachment patch; VFP-62 "Fightin' Photo" patch

  • (Word Document) Click to see: Captain Larry Memorial

    Contributed by: Diane Larry Weinberg (daughter)

  • Capt. W. C. Larry was the Officer in charge of the 1964-65 Detachment 59 ("Larry's Legion"), USS Forrestal. See "Faces of VFP-62" and "Sea Stories" Page 2 for additional information. Please send the Webmaster any information appropriate for this memorial.
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Circa 1964 Photo: John Sees

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