Capt. Al Wilhite

Updated December 22, 2011

1966 Washington DC: Special studies and anaylist in the Officer Assignment Division of BU PERS. Attended American University at night graduating with a degree in Computer Science.

1969 San Diego, CA...Stationed aboard the USS Constellation as OPS Officer. Promoted to Captin in 1970.

1970 Returned to DC , Stationed in BU PERS as PERS N.

1974 Retired August and moved to Gainesville, FL.

Entered Holland Law School at the University of Florida, graduating with a JD degree in law, Practiced law in Gainesville until fully retiring in 1995

1973 Moved to Orange County CA to be near our daughter, Diane. Moved to Las Vegas area in 2027 Where we will be; until 'ARLINGTON".....

Captain Wilhite passed away on Nov 17, 2011.

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Created on ... March 28, 2008