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CDR Richard Keith Thomas  
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In his memory

CDR Richard Keith Thomas was the VFP-62 photo maintenance officer.

I recently found the VFP62 website saw the photo of him and Mr. Ogles on the minibike ("Faces of VFP-62" Page 2) and it took me back to those days in Jacksonville. I was only 7 at the time but I do remember my dad being gone for quite a while during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sadly my father passed away in 1983. I also remember the gyrocopter that he built. We took it to Maryland when we moved. My dad flew it a few times there and then sold it I think. If you have any other stories about my father I would appreciate your sharing them with me.

Mark Thomas (his son)

John Sees, former PH2 provides the following: I remember LT Thomas from my time in the squadron and he was quite a resourseful individual. He once built a small one person helicopter in the camera repair shop and crashed it out behind Cecil Field one weekend test flying it.I believe he was the Photo maintenance officer when I knew him.

He was good friends with Chief Hough? (spelling ) and they did a lot of work together in the machine shop at Bldg 41. I believe the Chief was with him the first time he attempted to fly the gyrocopter and it clipped a tree while they were towing it from a pick up. Then LT Thomas got bruised and scratched but nothing serious as I recall. He was a smart and very capable man.

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