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Capt. Eugene "Bz" Bezore  
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In his memory

Capt. Eugene "Bz" Bezore

VFP-62 Circa 1958-60
Updated: October 21, 2014

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Detachment 42-60
Photos - Mac Warnell circa 1960

    Memories and Tributes

    "Bz" enlisted in the Navy circa 1944 - did boot camp at Great Lakes I believe and then got into the V-5 program at the University of Washington.

    Evidence indicates that he was still a Flying Midshipman on the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) during the 1948 round the world cruise.

    He was commissioned sometime thereafter and later RIF'd into the USNR. Korea found him on active duty flying Panthers (USS Boxer & USS Kearsarge).

    When he met and married Betty he was a flight instructor at Saufley Field (that's where I came into the picture in April of '56). The move to JAX occured shortly thereafter and he was assigned to Squandrons/CAG at Cecil Field & NAS Jacksonville where his participation with VFP-62 occurred.

    Bz was assigned to New River/Cherry Point in the early '60s where he was qualified on Stage 34's (H-34) with the USMC (HMM-262?) and deployed on the USS Boxer to the Dominican Republic Crisis.

    In 1965 my Papa was assigned as XO of VF-103 during the transition to Phantom II's and was CO during their cruise on the Saratoga.

    In 1968 he completed his degree in International Relations at Jacksonville University (Boot Strap Program).

    Later years found him as the Air Warfare Officer on 6th Fleet Staff (USS Little Rock/Gaeta), CO, Fighter Wing One (Oceana), and XO Naval Missile Center (Point Mugu).

    I am proud that you're taking the time to catalog all this for history.

    Jeffrey Bezore (son)

  • (10/21/14): Captain Bezore was XO Naval Missile Center, Point Mugu CA, 1974-1978. Good sense of humor and tolerance for us enlisted guys. Lucky Strike non-filter smoker, kind of quiet. I thought he was partial to F8 Crusaders. He used to come into the EM Club and buy a couple of beers listen to the guys. Occasionally he would gripe about a plane being down for a prolonged period. The next day the plane would be up with parts "comshawed" from planes all over the base.

    Howard Mathews
    GS13 Analyst

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