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Updated August 11, 2014

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"Hi Ken; Thanks for your ongoing commitment and loyalty to the perpetuation of "Fightin Photo"s history.
I've given away several copies of 'Blue Moon Over Cuba' with a great deal of pride."---Captain Gerald "Jerry" Coffee

I can see where it took 3 years of your life to research and write the book.
Hope it makes the best seller list.
Great job,---LCDR Tom Larson

The stories within the stories were compelling and entertaining.
The photography your group managed to produce was simply amazing...
We as a nation owe you and all the Navy our gratitude.
---Scott Weiskittel

You have a winner. . .thanks a lot for the facts from the man who was our commanding officer---Eugene Sones

As an old Marine VMF-2 jock flying the F2H-2p in Korea, Japan, and from Taiwan (during a dustup),
I appreciate the Cuban missions! I had a few friends flying similar operations.---Best Regards, Buck Peck

Newby Kelt and I gave a Cuban Missile Crisis presentation to the local Association of Naval Aviation meeting last Tuesday.
I plugged your book and the VFP-62 website. I think it went very well. Couldn't have done it without you.
Many thanks for your book, website and assistance.---Capt. Ed Feeks

I loved your book--thought it was outstanding!
In fact, I liked it so much I reviewed it for Amazon books this morning.
Now I am waiting for your next book........Eldora Larson

I remain amazed at the amount of research y'all did and the details you included.. Kudos---Jack Davis, ADC

I have barely had time to crack it open but I did stare at the cover for a very long time - what a great painting!
I wish I could paint like that! ---Mike Olivieri

In sum, it seems you and your co-author, CAPT Ecker, have created an amalgam of unique and insightful information
that's not really available otherwise...!
--Jon Corey, PhD/ Maj. USA (ret.)

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