Cecil Field Tour and Luncheon

Friday September 16, 2011

Visting Cecil Field during 2011 Reunion

    Kneeling (L-R): George Custer, Tom Scales, Ken Jack, Daryl Phillippi, Jim Curry
    Standing:Marion Swinford, Ralph Hammer, Pete Hanner, John Sees, Robert Strong, Greg Engler, Sid bourgeois, George Montgomery, Gerald Musgrove, Robert King, Ed Feeks, Pete Wallace, Adam Miklovis, Bill Newby

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Updated October 6, 2011

Navy Veterans, I really enjoyed the reunion, thanks to all who attended and those who made it possible. When I arrived home and reported to The Officer in Charge, she asked me how it went in Jacksonville. I related to what I thought was paramount. Everyone expressed that "Life is Good" and they were happy and were successful in may different ways. I know that our military experiences played an important roll in our eventful and unique lives. It was great to make new friends and re-unite with shipmates. It was apparent that everyone was proud to have served in our squadron. Special Thanks to Ken, making it all possible.

Until We Muster Again,
Robert R. King

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Pic#1: L-R Greg Enger, Sid Bourgeois; Pic#2: Coast Guard Hitron drug interdiction helo with "tools of the trade"; Pic#3: VFP-62's hangar 67--remember it?; Pic#4: Hangar 67--Boeing is doing classified work on the FA-18s in background. Pic#5: Group inside hangar 67--L-R: Chuck Osborne (Boeing mgr.), Jim Curry, Adam Miklovis, George Custer, Sid Bourgeois, Robert Strong, Greg Engler.

I was impressed with both the turn out, and the Quality of the meeting area---you pulled off a very good reunion.----Jack Davis ADC

Pic#1: By the Officers' Rec Facility (now torn down): Greg Engler (center) pointing out the location where he found the time capsule; Pic#2: Mo & June Hayes arriving at Cecil Conference Center;

Again very good job on the reunion-Thank You!----Pete Wallace ADJ2

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