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Cdr. Ralph E. Cheney  
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In his memory:

Commander Ralph E. Cheney
Executive Officer VFP-62 circa 1955-58

On Oct 26, 1955 Ralph Cheney reported to Olathe, KS for jet training. Then reported to VFP-62 in Jacksonville on Dec 13, 1955 "for duty in a flying status."


Cdr. Cheney (civilian suit on left) greeting aviators
Det 36-58 homecoming USS Randolph 1958

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    Memories and Tributes

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  • Cdr. Cheney must have been one of the real stalwarts of Navy aerial photography. He flew OS2Us from USS Salt Lake City, including the trip to escort USS Hornet on the Tokyo raid, and other cruisers. His father did aerial photography in Iowa, I think, and was an Army aviator in WWI. We have his old Air Service WWI wings. Cdr. Cheney was head of aerial photography I think at NADC, Johnsville PA in the early 1960s. I think he flew everything the Navy put a camera aboard in those years.

    Cdr. Cheney flew float planes during WW2 and at the end, led a composite detachment that went to China. The A/C type I don't know. At another time Cdr. Cheney deployed to the Med in a VA squadron flying ADs I think.

    John Kelly (USMC retired) and son-in-law

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