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Capt. Paul T. Corrigan  
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In his memory:
Capt. Paul T. Corrigan

Updated: April 1, 2013

Det 45-58 USS Essex

Capt. Paul T. Corrigan was a graduate of USNA, class of 1948 and spent 30-years in carrier aviation, holding such positions as operations officer, Carrier Division Four and C7F60 Air Operations Naval Forces Europe, CO Naval Station Rota Spain and Commander Naval Activities Spain, Strike Operations Officer USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42 and deputy director OP-094, Command Control and Communications. He also served as duputy for Simulation and Analysis, Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff in Omaha.

Paul flew Panthers and Banshees in Korea off the USS Phillipine Sea and Banshees in special operations in the vicinity of Taiwan from the USS Essex (VFP-62 Det 45-58 from Nov. 1957 until Nov. 1958). He covered the Marines the first time they landed in Lebanon in 1958 and then transited the Suez Canal to support one of the many Quemoy crises.

Upon retirement, Paul became project manager for Martin-Marietta and later Lockheed Missiles and Space. Retiring again, he moved to West Indies where he and his wife Nancy, an artist, opened a cottage industry producing boutique items. Paul holds the DFC, AMs, and MSM with 5 gold stars. Between them, they have 10 children.

Information provided by VFP-62 pilot, Rick Maioriello of Det 45-58

    Memories and Tributes

  • Lieutenant, Junior Grade Paul T. Corrigan, United States Navy, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight while serving in Composite Squadron SIXTY-ONE (VC-61), in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea on 22 July 1952.---Contributed by Greg Engler

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