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John Lee D'Amico ADJ3  
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In his memory

John Lee D'Amico ADJ3

My dad's name is John Lee D'Amico. He was from Erie PA and from what I remember he was Stationed at Cecil Field and also NAS Jax. He was a Mechanic for the F-8's (airman 3rd class?) and did mostly Med Cruises. He was in from 62-66 and was aboard the Shangri La, Forrestal, and some others that escape me right now. He met my mother while stationed in Jax and they married and moved to Pittsburgh where he worked on private airplanes for over 20 years. He had 2 boys and passed away in May of 1995.

In the photo below, he is in the cockpit covering the last name of the pilot for a funny picture to send to his mother. the back of the photo says "Sicily 1964 Me and an RF-8A Crusader"

If anyone remembers him, please feel free to contact me.Jeff D'Amico (his son)

Naples "El Monaco Club" 12-29-63
L-R Jack Cartz,John D'Amico, Stan Stanford, PG Houle

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