USS Shangri La CVA-38

Carrier Qualifications circa 1966
Guantanamo (Gitmo) Leeward Point Field, Cuba
VFP-62 RF-8G 907 Taxiing out to Runway
All Photos contributed by Gerald Musgrove
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Photo contributed by Bruce Nason

Updated December 16, 2016

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(L-R) Gitmo flightline (Gerald Musgrove center, Bruce Wilson PH3 (right)--others??); RF-8G section takeoff; RF-8G in burner takeoff

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Gerald Musgrove's Notes: The OinC of the Det. 38 that I was on was LTCDR J.W. Hood. The personnel officer on the Med cruise was LTJG R. B. Cannon. (I know this for certain). Some of the crew that I remember were: Garrett, Bobby K. (AN) Garrigus, Gary L. (ATR-3) Guyer, Roger D. (AA) Layton, Howie(?) K. (AN) Lomis, N.R., Jr. (AT-1) and Norris, D.D. (AN) I think that Norris was the supply clerk. These were some of the people I can remember on the cruise. As for the GTMO photo's, the only name that rings a bell is Cress, T.A. (AA). He may be the person that is at the cockpit with the canopy up while I was on the ladder. He may have been the plane captain. I am NOT certain of this.

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(L-R) #1:Det 38 flight line at Gitmo; #2: Pre-flighting the Crusaders; #3: Gerald Musgrove on ladder (other?); #4: Leeward Field at Gitmo 47 feet elevation.

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