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LTJG Richard Dieterich  
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In his memory:

LTJG Richard L. Dieterich

He was flying a VFP-62 (USS Essex) mission in a valley [July 19,1958] taking photos of gun inplacements.

He was killed when he hit the mountain peak coming out of the valley. The Marines retrieved his body and they shipped it back to Michigan City, Indiana and he is buried near Elgin, IL.

Updated: February 4, 2013


Dear Webmaster:
A couple years ago I opened, read contents, and wrote a book based upon a 50-year sealed box of 200 letters written by me to my girl friend of three months while I was aboard Essex CVA-9 in the Med / Suez transit / Taiwan ... a 10-month cruise and then back to Mayport in Nov '58.

Essex covered the Marine landing on 15 - 16 July '58. I, and approx. 125 others, was stranded in Athens due to a flash message [wartime priority message] to Com6thFlt and on 0500 was underway for Lebanon. An F9F VFP-62 Cougar pilot , Dick "Magoo" Dietrich, was with us and I took the attached photo of Dick, who was on my El Greco Hotel balcony a couple hours after we learned we were stranded and awaiting Consulate help in getting an aircraft from Naples to bring us to Suda Bay, Crete fft via S2F from Essex.

On the 19th Dick had a flameout and hit a mountain and died. I wrote about it to my now wife of 52 years and it's in my 180 page book (cover attached) which I have done for my kids and grandkids. I have a color slide which I'd bet is the last photo taken of Dick, and I have not had luck finding his family members - at least not via "Switchboard.com".

We buried a H.S. / College / OCS and Navy school pal today at Nat'l Cemetery here on Cape Cod today (12/7/11), and I was thinking about Dick Dietrich on my way back home. Do you suppose that some of your associates and friends through your website might assist in my search for any of his family?

Norm Kenneally (Ship's Company 9/56 ~ 1/59) [Webmaster's Note: Anyone that has information on this request can address it to me or Norm at: nekphoto@comcast.net. Thank you.]

L-R: LTJG Dieterich and LCDR Clark--- Courtesy Capt. Bob Kiem

L-R: LTJG Dieterich and AN Olson--- Courtesy Capt. Bob Kiem

One of the last pictures taken of LTJG Dieterich before his crash. Click picture to enlarge. Photo courtesy: Dave Stokes


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