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Capt. Willard D. Dietz  
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In his memory

Capt. Willard D. Dietz

VC-62 commanding officer March 12, 1954 - November 29, 1955
Updated: December 29, 2010

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[Webmaster's Note: Captain Willard Dietz had a profound influence on the development of the development of the camera system for the RF-8A photo Crusader, after he left the squadron and arrived in Washington D.C. as part of the Naval Photographic Intelligence Center. That story is part of his biography linked from the "VFP-62 Skippers" page and can be displayed by the following direct link: Captain Dietz's Biography .

Update 12/29/10: "I attended B school with Captain Dietz in 1953 and then he was assigned to be the CO of VC-62." -- Herb Gold

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