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In his memory:

Carl Dugger, PHC USN
Died April 14, 1994

Updated: September 25, 2009

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Carl Dugger, PHC

    To whom this may concern,

    My name is Dana Yates from Elkville, Illinois, and I am the granddaughter of Carl Dugger, who served in Vietnam as a photographer, although I'm not sure on which carrier. I stumbled upon the VFP-62 website completely by accident, and was completely shocked to find several photos of my grandfather. I was only 8 years old when my grandfather died of cancer (I believe it was April 14th, 1994? I'll confirm with my mother and grandmother to be sure), so I know little of the details of him. I would love to get to know more about my grandpa, because I share his love for photography, and have regretted that I wasn't able to learn more about him and his time in the Navy.

    I know my mom or grandma will be very excited to see these photos, and I will be gathering information from them to email to the website, as I see there is very little info about him on there and are seeking more. My grandma's name is Donna McCowen Dugger Wilson, my mother is Linda Dugger Yates, and my uncle is Mike Carlton Dugger. My mom was raised on naval bases, and very much misses this lifestyle. All of know of this are things I have heard from her stories, so any more photos or info you have about my grandpa would be much appreciated.

    I am also trying to contact Scott Scarborough [Chief Art Scarborough's son] to talk to him about his father's photos of my grandfather.

    Thank you so much for any info you have, and thank you for all the wonderful photos that have brought moments back of my grandfather that I lost long ago.

    Dana Yates

    [Webmaster's Note: If you want to contact Dana, please send a request to the Webmaster (see link below)]

    I think Carl made a Med Cruise on the Saratoga with then PH1 Art Scarborough and I met him when they got back. Bill Newby and Carl were friends and I think Bill could add a lot to our knowledge. Don't remember for sure but I think Carl was married when he was in the squadron-Bill could probably confirm that. Again Carl worked in the Hangar and I worked at Bldg 41 Camera repair so I didn't see him much. Although I knew Carl it was not that well. I do remember he went to RF8 system school TAD in Pensacola so with my deployment I never got to spend any time working with him.

    He was an OK guy just like Newby having fun and causing discontent amongst the troops every opportunity they had. And drinking coffee too! I think Bofto was at the Hangar at the same time Carl worked there just to add another name to the memory list. It was amazing to see my picture on the web site first time I looked at it and it must be an incredible feeling to someone to find a grandfather or other relative out of the blue not knowing it was there. Makes it all worthwhile.

    Best Guys!
    John Sees

(L-R) Bill Newby & Carl Dugger
VFP-62 Cecil Field Circa 1963-64

(L-R)Herman Dement, Carl Dugger,Chief Scarborough, Bruce Johnson
USS Saratoga Detachment Circa 1963


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