Forrestal Banquet

Friday September 17, 2011

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Hi Ken: Connie and I are back home and I just wanted you to know that you did a fantastic job at organizing the reunion and it was a real pleasure meeting you. We really had a good time meeting you and the rest of the people of VFP-62.

Till next time, Thank You again,
Gerald & Connie Musgrove

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Pic#1: L-R Robert King, Marie Phillippi; Pic#2: (L-R) Kathy Sees, Cheryl & Lee Perrin, Tom Pinkley, John Sees, George Montgomery; Pic#3: (L-R) Cheryl Perrin, Greg Engler, Connie & Gerald Musgrove, Robert King;

Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed Jacksonville while you were here. The food was really good and the River City Brewing Co. turned out well. I enjoyed seeing everyone and talking about old times. Great memories.---Robert Strong

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Created on ... September 30, 2011