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Adm. Frank E. Foltz  
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In his memory:

Admiral Frank Edward Foltz
VFP-62 circa 1961- ????

Updated: March 20, 2016

[Webmaster's Note: This page is under construction and will be updated as tributes from family, friends, and former Navy members are received. Contact Webmaster on the link below.]

    Memories and Tributes

  • (3/6/16) [Webmaster]: For early pictures (Adobe .pdf format) click: Photos 1935-1950--via family.

    Also, for biography and memories of (then) Cdr. Foltz, while commanding officer of VFP-62, CLICK to go to:

    "VFP-62 Skippers" (this site) and click on "biography."

  • (3/6/16). I was told by my Mom that my father's landing on a carrier was in the film "Midway". She said it was a film clip of him bringing in a very heavily battered jet that most would have not been able to bring in but he does so and grazes the [island]. You can see a very tall man get out of the jet. My father was 6"5" and 275 pounds.

    He fought in both WWII and Korea and was a Japanese prisoner of war for over a year, where they daily beat him over the head. I was told that pilots experienced the worse torture.

    Laura Barrera [FOLTZ] (daughter)

  • (3/20/16) Carrier based Photo Recce Squadrons are unique in that detachments deploy with only 4 pilots and 3 aircraft.

    The "Mother" Squadron aka "Palace Guard" stays ashore and trains pilots, aircraft maintenance as well as the Photo Element which is what the Mission is all about.

    Consequently, one can serve in the same Squadron and never get to know and sometimes even meet all their Squadron Mates.

    CDR "Biggie" Foltz , CO VFP-62 worried about his younger inexperienced aviators. In briefings he reminded pilots that "YAISTTB"! 'YOUR ASS IS STRAPPED TO THE BIRD'. The message was that you make the final decision, that people on the ground do not always have the same motives as the pilot nor do the people on the ground have all the info that the pilot does!

    A very good "SKIPPER was well liked by the Squadron members!

    Anonymous former VFP-62 pilot

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