VFP-62 Reunion "Happy Hours" Social

Friday September 16, 2011

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Ken, I believe I already wrote you thanking you for all the effort you and your associates put into the reunion. In any event, if I only thought about writing you and neglected actually to do so, let me send you this formal thank you for everything you did. I enjoyed meeting you and it was very nice to meet some old friends after so many years of being apart.---Dr (and Lt.) ---Rodney Rogers

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Pic#1: L-R Newby Kelt, Pat Browning, Ed Feeds (back), Charles Browning, Sandy Feeks; Pic#2: L-R (sitting)Rod Rogers, Adam Miklovis, (back center)Ed Feeks, Bill Newby, Marci Oehler, Jack Davis; Pic#3: L-R Jack Davis, Pete Wallace, Ken Jack, George & Fay Custer,; Pic#4: (L-R) Robert King, Robert Strong,Pat Browning, Cym Swinford Pic#5: (L-R) Pat Browning, Cym Swinford, Marie & Dary Phillippi, Charles Browning, Marion Swinford.

I want to thank you for all the work you put into the reunion.---Bill Newby PHCM

Pic#1:(L-R)Betty Newby, Kathy Sees, Cym Swinford, Pat Pinkley, George Montgomery, Lee Perrin; Pic#2: (L-R) Norm Green, Tom & Joan Scales; Pic#3 Lots of VFP-62 memorabilia;Pic#4: L-R: Robert Strong, George Montgomery at memorabilia table;VFP-62 time capsule found by Greg Engler

Ken & Committee: Bravo Zulu on another successful reunion. Your untiring perserverance paid off for another enlightening get-together of commoradity. I know that it is a thankless & frustrating job, but your devotion to making it happen is really appreciated .... e.g. Pete's certificate of appreciation. Time spent with Newby relating his ejection from his a/c blown over the side while approaching #4 cat was priceless.---Adam Miklovis

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Created on ... September 30, 2011