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LT Robert E. Lynn  
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In his memory:

LT Robert E. Lynn

Updated: April 26, 2014

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Youngblood's Tigers - Circa 1958
LT Lynn: Front Row Officers - 3rd from left

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LT Lynn's F9F-8P Cougar accident: It was November 17, 1958. A cockpit fire during the climb after takeoff caused a spinout and loses of all electrical equipment and communications and hydraulics. The Cougar was flown from there on by backup cables.

Lt. Robert E. Lynn brought the Cougar out of a spin and returned to the Intrepid and used hand signals to another aircraft which had the deck cleared for landing. When landing the Cougar, the arresting wires were set for a Cougar with the extra fuel tanks empty, but with the F9F's electrical system out, the tanks could not be dumped so the plane landed at almost twice the normal weight. Dad caught the center cable which hydraulics was set for a lighter plane. After a hard jerk the arrestor broke, the F9F continued off the deck and dropped but had just enough speed to skim away and then slowly gain altitude.

Another aircraft signaled for Dad to follow and land at Barbados. When he was close enough to see the island the engine died and he ejected. He landed in the sea and a banana boat picked him up until an island ship brought him ashore. The next day he returned to the carrier and within 24 hours he was made to take a short flight, take off and landing on the Intrepid.

I have pictures, a copy of the newspaper and article at Bridgetown, Barbados about the rescue and maybe a recording I made interviewing dad. Click to see an image of the newspaper article:
U S Navy Jet Crashes in Sea

Daniel Lynn, son

[Webmaster's Note: Also see "Faces of VFP-62" Page 12 and an EXTERNAL LINK to Daniel Lynn's website: Family album pictures of VFP-62] and (4/26/14): Detachment 33 photos ]

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