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Paul Maracz AT2  
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In his memory:

Paul Maracz AT2
VFP-62 1962-64

Updated: September 8, 2015

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    Memories and Tributes

  • Paul was the AT (aviation electronics technician) on my 1962-63 Forrestal detachment. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't get to know him at that time because when we went aboard the carrier, he was assigned to the air group electronics pool. It was a fortunate opportunity for him because he got to "play" with all of the fighter and attack aircraft electronics. So, it was as if he were in another squadron because he didn't even sleep in our quarters.

    On the few occasions that I did meet him, he was always quiet and somewhat shy. It was obvious, however, that he was a real nice guy. Years later when we were starting vfp62.com, he was one of the early members to sign in on our "Guest Log." You can see what he wrote by clicking here: Paul's message on Guest Log Page 2

    Ken Jack

  • (9/8/15)

    [Webmaster: This tribute via Greg Engler]

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