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Capt. Claude Navarrette  
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In his memory

Capt. Claude Navarrette

VFP-62 CO Circa 1964

Updated: November 3, 2010
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Commanding Officer of VFP-62 1964 - ???---See this site "VFP-62 Skippers"

His Navy career was varied. He became a Naval Aviator during the last year of WWII. He was assigned to Operation Deep Freeze at some point. He was CO of VFP-62 not long after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Claude was assigned to US Embassy duty in Manila, Philippines and reported in the same day President Marco declared martial law in 1972. From what I remember him telling me, his Navy flight training was in one of the Dust Bowl states, Oklahoma or Kansas. He spent much of his Operation Deep Freeze time in New Zealand. Claude was assigned to one or more squadrons based out of NAS Jacksonville during the late 1940s and 1950s.

He is survived by his wife, Denise (Gallagher) Navarrette; his children: Claudia (Navarrette) Arnberger, Rick Navarrette, Ken Navarrette, Claude "Skip" Navarrette II, and Richard Parry; and step- father to: Kimberly (Gallagher) Valeri, Tracy (Gallagher) Charshafian, and Jeanine (Gallagher) Thomas. He was also a loving grandfather and great grandfather.

Ashes to be scattered at sea.
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