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Steam Bath..VA-106 Gladiators A4D Skyhawk being led to the cat.

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RF8 ... sleak and beautiful from any angle (U.S.S. Forrestal) *

Hook down and coming home (U.S.S. Forrestal) *

LCDR Norman Youngblood (OIC) and "Jaws of the Tiger"

RF8 on cat..ready to rock and roll

British and U.S. war planes* Top-bottom: RF8, AD, U.K. Sea Vixen, A3D, A4D, F8, U.K. Scimitar, F4 Phantom

After a faulty starboard cat launch aboard the U.S.S. Shangri La, Commander J. E. Davis from VF-62, fights to escape his F8 after plunging into the sea. Owing to a failure in the linkage between the aircraft and the catapult, the fighter veered to the starboard side. The Crusader's wheel rolled over towards the gun mounting and plunged tail-first into the sea. The pilot escaped with a cut elbow.

A narrow escape from a sinking F8*

Shot by VFP-62's RF-8, This picture, although scanned with low resolution for this site, illustrates the high quality photography possible by the RF-8.

VF-62 F8s Protecting the fleet*

Air-to-air refueling is always tense but more so in this case. Note the attitude of the RF-8 while refueling from the much slower prop-driven (Korean War vintage) AD.

RF-8 refueling from an AD *

Gone! RF-8 launching from the angle deck of the U.S.S. Forrestal. Note the wing of the crusader is canted up for more lift. This is a unique design of this plane. An A4 Skyhawk is being prepared for launch on the left forward cat. Note the blast deflector behind the jet to protect the flight deck crews.

RF-8 launching from U.S.S. Forrestal *

Great photos contributed by Don Van Horn, PHC USN (Ret)

Great close-up of VFP-62 RF-8; early 60's *
Great formation of RF-8 and A4's; USS Intrepid airgroup *

Click: landing on USS Shangri La to see a pilot's view of a RF-8 landing on USS Shangri La. This sequence of shots were taken from the nose camera.(10-25-10) (EXTERNAL LINK) Slide show of Shang landing 1967

RF8s over Mt. Etna, Sicily - Det 33 USS Intrepid (1961) - Contributed by Capt. Adam Miklovis

* Photos by VFP-62 - Official U.S. Navy Photographs

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