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LTJG John Richard Richardson  
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In his memory

LTJG John Richard Richardson

Updated: April 19, 2010

LTJG Richardson was killed when his photo crusader went into the water while attempting to photograph a Russian trawler.

Update April 19, 2010: "04/08/63...bad day for the Sara's Air Wing...it was the first launch of the first day of that Med cruise...we lost two pilots...my friend & squadron mate Lt(jg) Jimmy Trotter (VA-35)...and the above cited VFP-62 pilot...Jim got "sucked" on a tail chase maneuver...hit the water at high speed about eight miles from me & my flight leader...we were first on scene...after recovery aboard Sara, learned of the VFP-62 loss..."

Ron "Banty" Marron
Former LT USN

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