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Thanks to the 63 VFP-62 and VFP-63 squadron members, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force guests, wives, and other guests, the VFP-62 Reunion in Mobile Alabama, April 3-6, 2008, was a warm and memorable event. At the various receptions, it only took a few seconds to reconnect, as if we never were separated by decades of absence. Wives and guests helped us celebrate our coming together, and the restoration and dedication of RF8 BuNo 145645, at Battleship Park.

Also, we thank Bill Tunnell, Executive Director, Owen Miller, and Mike Thompson for their dedication to the task of restoring RF8 BuNo 145645 in time for the reunion.

"At the Alabama Museum in Mobile they have one of the Photo Birds from Enterprise that my Det. flew in Cuba completely restored to the exact configuration we had. They located Jim Curry and me and we went there for the dedication last April together with several former Photo Pukes from VFP-62 and a large number of the white hats that saved our asses. Warmed an old man's heart."

Capt. Frank [Fang] Liberato

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Created on ... April 18, 2008