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Robert (Bucky) J. Walters  
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In his memory

Robert (Bucky) J. Walters VFP-62 pilot

Page Updated August 19, 2016
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    Memories and Tributes

  • (8/19/16 He served in the squadron 1957-58. He flew Banshees and later Cougars. He was part of the Saratoga detachment that cruised the Med in 1958 and participated in the Lebanon operation. He finished his military career flying ADs ( they were designated A-11's then) and flew over 90 missions in Vietnam. He was displeased with having to transition into ADs from jets and left the navy after that tour. He moved to San Diego with his wife Maryann and had at least one daughter that I know of.

    He became blind the last 2-3 years of his life and that really upset him. Bucky was always a health nut. never smoked or drank, was a devout catholic, and kept himself physically fit. He even boxed in the Golden Gloves in Jacksonville and won his only bout. I was there when his opponent complimented him after the bout, saying it was a great fight and that he enjoyed it.. Bucky was surprised and said something like, "His opponent was crazy, and that even though he won the bout, he did not enjoy any part of it and would never do that again."

    He died from lung cancer and refused any treatment so as not to prolong the inevitable. I suspect that his cancer was caused by agent orange exposure from all his low-level flying during close air support missions. Everyone in the squadron loved and respected him. He loved flying and was always stretching the envelope. Since he was used to shutting down and restarting one engine in the Banshees, he told me that he had to shutdown the single-engined Cougar in flight to checkout the restarting procedure. He flew his Cougar under the Jacksonville bridge. He did this at night so no one would see his plane number, but was disappointed when there was no report that it happened. He was a kind, considerate and talented individual that was loved by everyone who knew him, and I will miss him.

    Richard Maioriello VFP-62 pilot

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