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Robert (Bob) O. Watson ATCS  
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In his memory

Robert (Bob) O. Watson ATCS
VFP-62 Circa 1962

Updated: April 9, 2010

Chief Watson was an AT and my stepfather. A great man. I'd say he served VFP-62 in the early to middle 60's. He made Chief while assigned to this squadron.

Joseph A. 'Tony' Domenech
AMH2, VAP-62 (thanks to Chief Watson who was attached to VW-13 at the time)
NAS Jax.

He was AT1 during the Cuban Missile Crisis w/this squadron. He retired as ATCS w/30 years in 1976 and died Dec. 31, 1998. I remember waking up to go to school and seeing his car pull into the drive way after working all night to help get the planes back up for that day. I was only in the 4th grade at the time and really didn't understand why all the adults were so tense & why we kept having the bomb drills at school. Dad was very proud of being part of this squadron.

I believe he was part of a detachment on the Saratoga during that period [1963-64]. He made Chief during this time also. During the initiation they "lost" him because he went to the barracks to clean up. My older brother also testified that Dad made him salute him at home on the morning of his initiation. He went by Bob, was from Arkansas, met my mom while he was stationed in Key West where I was born, and wouldn't have gotten out at 30 years if they hadn't made him. We went to Pensacola the summer of 64 & when we came back to Jax in 67 he was with the Hurricane Hunters, his second squadron w/Super Constellations.

Robby Gorman, daughter

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