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Ed Duffy  
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In his memory:

Ed Duffy
VFP-62 circa 1964-65

After his discharge in Sept. 1966, Ed worked for Con Ed for about a year then became a NYC policeman. He got a disability retirement from the NYPD in the late 70's and started a business 'Creative Technologies' which developed and manufactured medical technology/laboratory equipment. He also owned P. S. Supplies which manufactured lead canisters for radioactive isotopes and had a machine shop.

Sadly, Phil was killed by an intruder in his house.

Phil Duffy, brother

Also see "Faces of VFP-62 Page 9"


Det 42 (USS Franklin D. Roosevelt 1964-65) Med Cruise

Det 42 (USS Franklin D. Roosevelt 1964-65) Med Cruise

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