VFP-62 Reunions & Squadronmates Reconnecting
Updated February 24, 2019
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Each time we are able to spend time together, we seem to find more ways that our lives have crossed.
The Navy was the key to getting us together, but additional contacts seem to add to the experience.--George Montgomery

Lt. to Rt. : Robert King, Watson Kimbrell & Froyd Sneed, who served together Det. 59, 1965-'66.

(3/31/15) Thanks to the website another reconnection with squadron shipmates took place 3/26/15 in Braselton Ga. outside Atlanta. There had been no contact with me prior to this dinner, which by the way was paid for by strangers thanking us for our service! Who ever said there was "no free lunch" wasn't including dinner. If I would have known this, I would have ordered the steak.

Don Mullenix, who is in the Guest Log and a friend of Sneed gave him my phone number and Sneed & Kimbrell have kept in touch through the years. Sneed & his wife Sue traveled from Ak. & stayed overnight with me and my wife Katie and then the next day left for Fla. to meet up with Tom Scales who is in the Guest Log, real nice person, was with us at the Jacksonville reunion. Kimbrell and his Gail live near Braselton Ga. in the town of Jefferson Ga.

Robert King

(10/27/12): USS Forrestal Assn. Reunion--Sept. 2013
(L-R): George Montgomery, Tom Pinkley

Tom and I did all we could to represent VFP-62 at this reunion. I have only been to the three most recent reunions and this was the smallest group I have been with. I don't think the number was much over 200 - VF74 only had one table with one over, who sat with our group.

Tom did the Great Lakes Tour and I did the Chicago Science Museum - and we both took the tour of Chicago w/a harbor cruise and lunch. My high light of the total "tours" was being able to see the U-505 - it brought more interest in that a friend (from here in Jasper) gave me prior input along with letting me know his father was on one of the DE's in the task force that captured the U-505. This sub was not built for anyone of my height but I did manage the tour okay.

It was good to be with Tom and Patricia Pinkley for the reunion.

Prior to leaving our daughters in Michigan, I was able to visit with her neighbor - Barry Hertzog - but without camera and recorder. Barry and I can always find something to talk about when we get together. I might be on the edge of forgetting some of what Barry has told me in the past, but that is okay - he has many experiences to relate and they are of interest. We have to get him to one of the upcoming reunions to share some stories with the group. He is also kind in that he drives for us since I still don't have a good handle on how to take a Michigan left turn.

The next reunion is in Virginia Beach next September and then in 2015 it will be in Hershey/Harrisonburg, PA. I am looking forward to being at both of these and hope that other VFP-62 members will also be there.

(10/27/12): George Mason University/Cold War Museum
50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis panel discussion.
(L-R): Capt. Adam Miklovis, Ken Jack, Lt. Cdr. Tad Riley (panel speaker), Phyllis Riley

Ga. VFP-62 Ga. Breakfast Meeting 8/18/2012.
(L to R - Marion Swinford, George Montgomery, Robert King)
Location: Cartersville Ga. Outside The Cracker Barrel Restaurant (note U.S. Military rocking chairs).

Thanks for the Squadron Website, making this and much more all possible.---Robert King

Forrestal Reunion, Dulles, VA
July 24-30, 2012
In front of the RF-8G at Udvar Hazy Space & Air Museum, Dulles
L-R: George Montgomery, Tom Pinkley, John Sees, Ken Jack

This is the first of the photos from the 25th Annual "Last Annual Crusader Ball". This picture was taken at the "formal" ball on Friday , May 7,2011. A total of 336 Crusader pilots and brides attended this event. Left to right: Norm Green; Mo Hayes; Chuck Neuchterlein; Joe Hood; Bob Deputy. We were all in the squadron in 1963-1967. I guess Mo was there until the end.

(L-R; Robert King, Charles Lancaster, Rod Martin. Notice VFP hangar in the back ground between King and Lancaster. Taken by Robert Strong 6-21-10

(L-R) Tom Satterlee (Guest Log Page 3, Sea Stories Page 5) George Gaughran (Faces of VFP-62 Pgs. 4,5)
circa mid-2009

(L-R) John Sees (Faces of VFP-62 Pgs 1,5) Ken Jack (Faces of VFP-62 Pgs. 1,3,11)
Veterans Day Commemoration Newport R.I. USS Forrestal in background

(L-R) John Sees (Faces of VFP-62 Pgs 1,5) Lee Perrin (Faces of VFP-62 Page 2)
reunion Mar. '07 Florida

Barry Hertzog (left) George Montgomery (right)

A warm VFP-62 Christmas reunion - What it's all about

(L-R)Jacob "Willie" Wilson, Chief Van Nostrand, Ken Jack
Forrestal Reunion - August 2006

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