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LT Christopher B. Wilhelmy III  
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In his memory

LT Christopher B. Wilhelmy III

flew VFP-62 missions over Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis and received the Distinguished Flying Cross (see "Cuban missile crisis" and "faces of VFP-62" this site). He wanted to be an Astronaut, so the first step on that road was going to the navy test pilot school at Pax River. It is believed that he was flying a T-28 there when he pulled the wings off of it. He was killed in the crash. This happened on Feb. 17, 1966. If you can provide details please email the VFP-62 Webmaster

The symbol on the RF-8 "AURICULA LUDEMUS" ("play it by ear") was painted by Don Jusko and refers to the fact that the VFP-62 detachment was the smallest on the carrier and consequently how decisions were made to the placement of the RF-8's on the deck.

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Updated: April 7, 2008: Bruce Wilhelmy was my father's (Thomas C. Maloney) and my uncle's (George R. McAleer Jr.) Naval Academy roommate, USNA Class of 1958.

He was the son of Christopher B. Wilhelmy and Elizabeth Kane, and I believe had an older brother named John. Your information about Bruce's death at Pax River in the mid 1960s is correct. Here's what Ancestry.com shows on Bruce:

U.S. Veterans Cemeteries, ca.1800-2006
about Christopher Bruce Wilhelmy
Name: Christopher Bruce Wilhelmy
Service Info.: LT SSN
Birth Date: 23 Oct 1935
Death Date: 17 Feb 1966
Interment Date: 21 Feb 1966
Cemetery: Arlington National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: C/O Director Arlington, VA 22211
Buried At: Section 35 Site 4379

Although my father died in 1998, my Uncle George McAleer lives in Annandale, Virginia and could probably tell you what he knows of Bruce's death, if you'd like. George's wife, Joanne Duggan was Bruce's cousin.

Evidently he was a great guy - and his big smile in his picture on your web site shows the fun loving guy that I've always heard he was. BTW, if you've ever seen the movie "Thirteen Days", they do have a character in the movie "playing" Bruce getting ready to fly during the Cuban missile crisis.

Catherine Maloney

When I saw the movie about the Cuban missile crisis, one of the scenes showed the pilots walking out to man the aircraft. One of the names on the side of the aircraft was Bruce Wilhelmy. He was a classmate of mine at the academy. He and I were in the 20th company. He was company commander - I was not. It was a sad day when the news filtered down that he died up at PAx River.

Lt. Cdr. Scott Ruby, VFP-63 pilot

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