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In his memory

Cdr. George Winslow

Change of Command
(L)Cdr. William B. Ecker (R)Cdr. Winslow

My father, CDR George Winslow, joined the navy in 1941 (3 days after his 17th birthday!) and was flying out in the western pacific from '44 thru the end of the war (mostly in the F4U corsair), he flew in Korea (I believe the corsair again - not sure if he was starting fly jets later during the campaign) and finished his flying career with VFP 62 from '58 till '62(?)

He was CO prior to Capt. Ecker and the Cuban missile crisis. We moved to Newport R.I. in 1964 where he served at the Naval War College until his retirement in 1970. He was active in the local community and enjoyed many years on the water and was well known in the yacht racing community with race management ranging from local fleets to olympic and americas cup regattas. He passed away in 1996.

An interesting sidenote is that his grandson, my nephew, just recently completed his carrier quals and will begin training in the F18. He has landed several times recently at Cecil (? -Webmaster) Field....can't help but believe he's got a little of my father's spirit along for the ride.

--George Winslow III (son)

Commander Winslow on left. See "Faces of VFP-62" for others.

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