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In his memory:

Frank Wolle PHC

VFP-62 circa 1960-63


Updated: February 13, 2013

[Webmaster's note: The following is from his son Eduardo (12/1/12)]

Thank you for article write up regarding my father, Frank Wolle. I still have several of his photos from VFP 62. He was always quiet about his time in the Navy. It is only after his passing that I am learning more about my father. I am proud of the work he did and the people he served with in the Navy.

I found that he was also assigned in El Salvador in 1949 to VP-62, to Fleet Aircraft Squadron #103 in 1950 doing survey work in Saudi Arabia and to Photographic Squadron VJ-62 in Norfolk VA in 1956. Were these all forerunners to VFP-62?

I have been reading through his various commendations. I also found his schematics to the forward firing camera you mentioned. I wish I could have known about the different places he had been and what he had done in the Navy. All I can do now is piece together what I can glean of his life from childhood to his passing in 2002. What you say of him [see below] gives me a different view of the person I called dad.

Webmaster's Rememberance: Every navy man can say, with some assurance, that there was some chief petty officer in his navy career responsible for his success. Chief Wolle was my mentor during the times when I was back from cruise and worked for him in the Photo Maintenance Shop in the hangar. He always had a pleasant demeanor and a wonderful smile; I thought of him as being very competent and a good role model to follow.

He loved to tinker with any new technology and had a major part in the upgrading of the camera system in the photo Crusader. The KA-46 cameras had to be specially mounted and the wiring and testing was done by the Chief and his AT2 assistant, Frank Johnson. I was on the first detachment to try the new cameras assigned to planes on a carrier. I remember we did a night photo run of the Forrestal and had a number of technical problems to resolve. Fortunately we did, because in October 1962 they were used to take low-level photos of the Russian missile bases in Cuba.

I'm sure he had a lot to do with my regular promotions and I'm certain he did regarding additional training in photo "B' school, learning the electronics of the aircraft camera systems. I remember his gentle, warm smile and his "soft" approach to leading. He expected you to do your job, and we all did because we didn't want to disappoint him. He was one of the squadron members I wanted to thank personally, after I retired and thought more about our squadron and how it shaped my life. Unfortunately, he had passed away.---Ken Jack

Anyone who remembers Chief Wolle and sends me a memorial, I'll post it on this page.

The following photo (courtesy Eduardo Wolle) shows the VFP-62 crew in Key West after successful missions over Cuba. Chief Wolle is the first on the left front row.

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