Circa 1960-61

USS Shangri La Landing Sequence

Updated January 25, 1020

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This separates the men from the boys. Having this facing you, coming in at 150 knots, at times in low visibility, high seas, and worst of all, the darkness of night puts Naval Aviators in a class of their own. Note the Landing Signal Officer on the left and the light system that aids landing.

(01/25/10) EXTERNAL LINK-VFP-62 landing sequence:
SLIDE SHOW 1967 USS Shangri LA
--Contributed by Marion Swinford

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Here are digital images of three of the 5 or 6 photo's taken by one of VFP-62's pilots while I was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Shangri-La 1956-58. I was a PH3 when these were taken, I printed several sets for distribution, and one for me. Don Van Horn PHC USN Ret.

Final approach in sight

Landing Signal Officer on left

On board!!!

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