Crusader Finale
Memories of the RF-8A/G Crusader

Photo Courtesy Lee Schalon

Updated October 8, 2017

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Webmasters message: It's no surprise to me that the Chance Vought RF-8 Crusader has captured the admiration of aviation fans all over the world. Decades after it's retirement from service, the Crusader continues to generate interest. It was a great pleasure for those of us who flew and maintained this marvelous machine.

The last Crusader flight in the US was an RF8G flown by the Air Force at Edwards in 1992---used as a chase plane.
Don't remember the exact date. That bird is now in the air museum at Merced, California.
---Scott Ruby, VFP-63 pilot

I actually flew the last Crusader trap, onboard USS America, CV 66. The date was October 18 1986.---Barry Gabler

"May God bless all of you guys who made the Crusader such a wonderful ride!"--Will Gray

"This sleek supersonic fighter commanded the respect of all that were fortunate enough to take her screaming
through the skies at the speed of heat." --Ron Knott

"We few, we band of brothers... How fortunate we were to fly the best fighter ever built. --Bill Quinn

"The Pilots that flew this supersonic machine loved her with a passion.
To them the reputation was one of admiration, and respect." --Ron Knott

"Wasn't flying the F8 a blast. !!!

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Created on ... January 27, 2007