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Updated January 28, 2024

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Click here to see a large detail of Mad's RF-8G BuNo 146897from VFP-63's 1971 Midway detachment.
Lt. Cdr. Scott Ruby came up with the color scheme.
It was lost in an operational accident 6/9/81 aboard the USS Independence
(VFP-63 Det 4--pilot Lt j.g. R. Wright ejected.)

Art Courtesy Mads Bangsø

About the artist: Mads is from Denmark and offers his art for sale. He will custom make his rendition to your specifications. For more information on his art: Click to Email him: email Mads Bangsø

"You can take the boy out of the Crusader
But you can't take the Crusader out of the boy." --anonymous

"I flew Vigi's and A-4's as well, all fun. But I don't think there's a pilot alive
who flew F-8's who won't say that was the most fun to fly.
I considered it the "Harley Davidson" of airplanes."
John "Lightnin" Davison VFP-63

"I'd make a deal with the Devil if I could just go back and fly either one
[RF-4C & RF-8G] again for just a little while!"
Jim "Mugs" Morgan Col USAF Ret.

"The RF8A was a marvelous machine and a good friend for many years."
J.J. Olsen, Cdr USN (Ret)

"Two of the best fighter's in my log book had wings that moved, one up and down, one forward and aft. -- Jerry Merritt

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Click photo to enlarge. Art by: Stéphan GARNAUD

Drawing of a Crusader RF-8A Det.65 on USS Enterprise 02/08/1964 - 10/03/1964 Med, World Cruise "Operation Sea Orbit".

"It means a lot to this old sailor to see the Chance Vaught Reconnaissance Crusader receive such recognition.
She was indeed a truly remarkable aircraft." --James A. Bremner PHC USN(ret) VFP-63

"The modern Navy is a much safer way to make a living than the one 40 years ago, I think the public needs to know about the people and aircraft that led to our modern force. -- Kent Kaiser, son of CDR Dean E. Kaiser"

Of all the planes [F8, F4, F14] I flew, the F-8 was my favorite - Cress Bernard

"The F4 was an enormously capable aircraft but, in my experience,
there was never anything like the F8 for the pure joy of flying a beautiful airplane." --Bruce Martin

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RF-8 cockpit simulator. Note the photo viewfinder at top and camera control station in front of stick.

A closer look at the photo-Crusader's viewfinder used by the pilot to align his approach to the target. It could also input the altitude and speed to the camera controls.

Simulator spare electronic components including vacum tubes.

Simulator electronic modules. Remember, this was pre-solid state chips.

Pilot trainee records

The simulator was housed in this trainingr-trailer and could be moved to multiple sites for training.

Simulator spare parts.

Maps for training scenarios and pilot training folders.

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