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[Webmaster's Note: Cediric Bruwier provides the essence of getting a virtual RF-8 Crusader into the off-the-shelf game. Some computer skills seem to be required but I'm sure your grandchildren can help there.]
  • (6/28/13)
    Official DLC:

    Basically, an official DLC is a payware add-on made by the game developers. You buy them on Thirdwire's webstore for Strike Fighters 2 series ( ), download the .exe file, and when clicked, it will install itself in your game.

    Community add-on:

    99.9% of the community add-ons are free downloadable files made by the SF2 online community found at The add-ons can be downloaded at Combatace's SF2 download section (

    Their installation may be a bit tricky for people not used to this game, and it would be a lenghty process to go through it in an email. Most of those add-ons come with a "readme" file, most often a .txt, .doc or .pdf, detailing how to instal them, and what other add-ons may be used to make them work (and, in such cases, where to find them).

    RF-8A mod:

    The particularity of this add-on is that it's using the 3D model of the only payware mod pack for Wings over Vietnam (the first generation of the game): Yankee Air Pirate. So you'll have to buy the 2nd set off mission (, and use the model they provide.

    This is a bit of a pain, but it is the only solution if you want to fly with an RF-8 right now. There's a new complete freeware add-on currently in development for RF-8A and G, but the release date is not known as for now.


    - For most of the add-ons, the game has to be updated to the latest official patch, downloadable at Combatace or at the official Thirdwire website

    - Check that the mod you want to use is compatible with your installation

    - It is preferable to get familiar with the "mod folder" concept, as described here:

    - For any questions, problems and so on, I highly recommend the Combatace forum. People there will be glad to help you if you are being polite ;-). Oh, and use the "search" function of the forum first, your question may already have been asked numerous times, and answered.

    All of this can look difficult, I know, but this game is a nice analogy of the F-8 Crusader: it's a demanding mistress, but once you've learn how to master it, it is one of the most rewarding and joyful virtual ride you'll ever have!

  • Contributed by: Cédric Bruwier, Belgium
    [Webmaster's Note: The following information pertains to the original game, which is still available at:]

    I don't know if you are into these PC flight Sims, but this one is pretty good. The aircraft are modeled very accurately, the cockpits are also accurate and fully functional and the graphics are all around very good. It has the fighters and attack aircraft, with the exception of the AD, that were used by the Navy and Air Force during the conflict. The bad guys are throwing AAA, Sams and Migs at you all the time. I have been flying the Crusader most of the time, and found the game simulated the flight characteristics of that plane fairly well, at least from what the pilot reports I have read over the years say. Landing aboard a carrier is also rather exciting as well. The game no longer retails for $29.99. You can find it now days for around $19.00.

    Contributed by Scott Scarborough

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    Created on ... May 21, 2006