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Crusader Launch at Dusk - USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42

Updated April 15, 2019

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    Updated 3/9/18

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    Aircraft Carrier Sites & Information

  • Rare WW II Color videos (YouTube): _Carriers in the Pacific - Contributed by George Montgomery

  • LINK TO NEW PAGE: Flight deck operations of the USS Enterprise Amateur footage provided by Pete Wallace

  • Complete scan of:1964 USS Enterprise Cruise Book-Med Cruise and Operation Sea Orbit

  • Website with information, pictures and hundreds of shipmates listed. U.S.S. Forrestal Forrestal Assn. membership required to enter.

  • Visit my : USS Forrestal Home Page:-Sign my Guestbook with Div/Squadron and Time aboard. Paul H. Friedman (USS Forrestal CVA-59 Crewmember, AO3, G Div., WestPac 5/67 - 7/29/67) USS Forrestal Association Lifetime Member

  • Website dedicated to the: U.S.S. Shangri La .

  • Brilliant account of the: Last Cruise of U.S.S. Shangri La.None of my friends in VFP-63 Det 38 could ever confirm the radar antenna falling off, but all the other stuff happened as written. The Navy just ran the Shang into the ground, pretty much the same fate for Hancock (CVA-19).-Jerry Nolan

  • All former crewmembers, including airwing squadrons and Marine detachments, of the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB, CVA, CV-42, please check out our website at: www.ussfdrcv42reunion.com. We are always looking for former shipmates.

  • Lots of photos and information related to the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, including photos of squadrons & ships. Larry Blumenthal's website: www.usnavyphotos.com -Site has new videos of cruises.

  • A new site being developed by Larry Blumenthal: www.ussfranklindroosevelt.com-all about the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and her squadrons.

  • Website for the U.S.S. Independence CV-62 Includes reunion information, pictures, and much more.

  • Web page for USS Independence: VFP-62 detachments

  • Website for the: U.S.S. Enterprise CVA-65 Includes reunion information, pictures, and much more.

    Special Interests

  • (12/19/10)-- Virtual Aircraft Museum __You will be able pull up every aircraft that was built in every country in the world and every air craft company.--Contributed by Robert King

  • (9-30-09) Huge amount of material on the:Vietnam War contributed by: Walt Quist

  • (7-31-09)Chance Vought (manufacturer of the Crusader): Vought Heritage Museum Dallas Aircraft history, pictures of restored Vought planes, and more. - Contributed by Walt Quist

  • A site dedicated to: Aircraft Wrecks -& Other Related Information

  • An interesting site dedicated to: ejection photos-and interesting links

    Naval Aviation Squadrons

  • (1/15/13): An excellent website for VA-106 Gladiators Flew the A4 Skyhawk

  • Marine Corps Aviation Reconnaissance Association (MCARA): www.mcara.us--Excellent site for Marine reconnaissance squadron history, photos, and stories

  • Former F8 driver, Dave Johnson's fabulous and extensive Crusader site: Gunfighter's Site

    Aviation Museums
    RF-8 or F8 Exhibits

  • (2/16/16) See many restored aircraft: MCAS Miramar, Flying Leatherneck Museum in San Diego, California--contributed by Richard Crowe

  • Mobile AL: Battleship Park VFP-62 RF-8 BuNo 145645 has been restored and is exhibited along with show cases of VFP-62 memorabilia.

  • Air museum where RF-8 Bu.No. 145607 will be restored as either VFP-206, VFP-62, or VFP-63: Castle Air Museum Atwater, CA -Also see "We Love Crusaders" for more information.

  • A new air museum opened up Flying Heritage Museum Most of the aircraft have been put in flying condition and do fly shows. Contributed by Wes Batlett

  • Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center (Smithsonian)/ (near Dulles airport) Chantilly, VA. A VFP-206 RF-8 is on display

  • Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum at: www.dvhaa.org Willow Grove NAS JRB, Pa.

  • The USS Intrepid's Return to New York, NY and The Grand Re-opening on November 8, 2008. For information log onto: USS Intrepid Museum

  • Starting from a ruin filled with concrete, the Pacific Coast Air Museum created a very nice F8 restoration. This Crusader had probably been seen by millions and crawled on by thousands of kids. During its assignment to a public park it received so much use next to a busy San Francisco street, it finally wore out after 20 years.

    It is now on static display in Santa Rosa, California. From the picture of the restoration, I'll guess this famous Bay Area Crusader is an F8C.


    (4/7/23) A Special Thank You to:
    VC/VFP-62 squadron members who funded the costs to keep this website on the Internet for 2023 - 2033.

    David Bluestone PHC * Rich Bregoli PH3 * Charles Browning * Capt. Jim Curry * Greg Engler AT2 * Herb Gold PH1 * Pete Hanner AE2 * Barry Hertzog AE2 * Cmdr. Norm Green * Kenneth Jack PH2 * Robert King * Lt Cmdr Tom Larson * Lt Cmdr Don McCoy * George Montgomery PN3 * Bruce Nason JOC/PH2 * Eric Nelson * Tom Pinkley ADJ2 * Lt Rodney Rogers * Capt P.J. Smith * Pete Wallace ADJ2

  • Thanks to Pete Wallace, a former VFP-62 member (see guest log) who purchased the domain space for this site and originated the basic layout for the site. Throughout the technical development of the site Pete has been a great source of inspiration and cooperation and has become a new friend. - Ken Jack, VFP-62 Webmaster

  • Pete and I thank the late Arthur W. Scarborough, PHC and his son Scott for supplying us with many of the photographs for the site. In particular, Scott, who grew up walking among the Navy jets of Cecil Field, dedicated many hours to scanning pictures, providing textual background information, and demonstrated his love over and over again, for the RF-8 Crusader, VFP-62, and Naval Aviation.-Webmaster

  • The Webmaster thanks Dave Johnson, a former F8 driver, who at the very beginning of this project, provided invaluable information on HTML and Web design, motivation, and by his example, (see Gunfighter's link above), led us to the development of the site.

  • We give special thanks to the following VFP-62 squadron members for exceptional contributions:

    • Gary Adams Lt.: Photo of the Climbing RF-8A on our Home Page.

    • Greg Engler AT2: Discovery of the VFP-62 Time Capsule; Many photos for "Faces of VFP-62"; NAS Cecil Field;

    • John J. McKenna AT1: Photos ("Squadron History"; "VFP-62 Memorabilia")

    • George Montgomery PN3: Photos and story his VFP-62 detachment meeting the French Foreign Legion for "Sea Stories." Also Newsletters for his 1964-65 Forrestal detachment ("VFP-62 Memorabilia.")

    • Dave Olson: Many photos of VFP-62 during the late-1950s ("Squadron History."

    • Daryl Phillippi PH1: Photos ("Squadron History" "Faces of VFP-62")

    • Larry Plourde PH2: Provided photos of his 1964-65 Shangri La detachment; photos for "Faces of VFP-62." Also, photos for Blue Moon Over Cuba ("Cuban Missile Crisis" page) and exciting RF-8A launch photo on our home page; A story for "Sea Stories."

    • The late John Sees, PH2: Photos for "Faces of VFP-62;" USS Forrestal; & Cecil Field; Several stories for "Sea Stories" Also, John provided a VFP-62 Christmas Card every year.

    • Eugene Sones ADJ2: Newsletters for his Saratoga detachment ("VFP-62 Memorabilia").

    • David Stokes ADJ3; Sea Stories; photos form personal website

    • Marion Swinford ADJ2; Detachment Newsletters; "Faces of VFP-62" photos; Aircraft photos and VC-62 history ("Squadron History")

    • The late Mac Warnell PT3: Provided Newsletters for his Forrestal detachment ("VFP-62 Memorabilia."

    • Vinnie Zabicki: Cuban Missile Crisis detachment photo; Photo of RF-8s shelter from hurricane ("Squadron History")

    • Finally, we appreciate all of the former VFP-62 crew members, AND non-VFP-62 squadron members (friends and families), not mentioned above, who have contributed photos, stories, memorials, and guest log messages to enhance our site. There are too many to mention specifically and we thank them all.

    Thank you for visiting our site.

    Please Recommend Us To Your Friends

    Email the Webmaster

    We invite you to click this link - VFP-62 Webmaster to email a question, comment, correction, or contribution to this page.

    Updated 3/9/18