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VFP-62 F9F-8P Cougar Models  
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VFP-62 F9F-8P Cougar Models

Updated September 8, 2018

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    VFP-62 F9F-8P Cougar Models

  • (4/9/18)Photos by John Greenwood, Custom Scale Military Models

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  • Information on Custom Scale Military Models

    I'm a retired engineer from the UK, but now living in Florida. I build my models out of a love of history, engineering and - most importantly - the human connection to these machines.

    I coined Custom Scale M.M. because a lot of my models these days are built specifically for customers (individuals, museums, veterans clubs/associations etc.), on a commission basis. It's not a business, more a self-funding and very gratifying (if sometimes frustrating!) hobby.

    By the way, as a former member of the British military and the son of an aircraft electrical engineer who served for 22 years (my father served in the Royal Navy as a torpedo man, during WWII - aboard HMS Rodney - and subsequently transferred to the Royal Air Force after the war), I am so respectful of people like you, who work so hard and so actively to keep alive the history of all those who went before us and made it possible for us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.

    When I "do" shows and exhibitions from time to time, my greatest joy is in engaging with the youngsters - many of whom have an amazing appetite for and knowledge of the history that got us to where we are today.

    Kudos to you and all who help preserve the heritage.

    John Greenwood

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    Updated 3/9/18

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