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RF-8 Crusader Models  
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RF-8 Crusader Models

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Updated September 3, 2018

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    DCModels Flyable Large Scale F8 Crusader Models #1 and #2

  • (4/12/18)

    (4/9/18) DCModels Flyable F-8 Model #2
    Dave Hudson: DCModels model maker
    Second Model Almost Ready For Flight Test

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  • I just remember watching the full scale version of this model on final approach at Navy Dallas. It made such an impression on me as a young person. When these Crusaders I have built over the years taxi, fly, it brings me back to those early days.

  • DCModels Flyable F-8 Model #1

    (10/31/17) Dave Hudson (right): DCModels model maker
    Model specs: 1/6 Scale; length: 109" (approx. 9 feet); wingspan: 72" (6 feet)

  • [Webmaster: Model #1 developed structural damage on it's first flight tests. Dave, decided that a number of changes had to be made and implemented those in Model #2. Its maiden flight is expected during the month of April or May, 2018. We will follow that an provide updates here.]

  • The above photos can be enlarged by clicking on the photo. Use "back arrow" to return to page

  • EXTERNAL LINK to DCModels Facebook Videos: DCModels Numerous Videos of Model and Flight Tests--Facebook account necessary to see videos.

  • (11/1/17) EXTERNAL LINK: DCModels YouTube Videos F-8 maiden flight; tail camera view (model develops rudder flutter), and more.

  • I'm installing this Kingteck 180 into the model. It's out in the open right now but the exhaust tube, shroud and intake liner hasn't been put in place. This engine produces 40 lbs of thrust. The first Crusader prototype's engine had 36 lbs of thrust so this will be an nice power upgrade.

    This engine will be fully enclosed by a bypass tube. The carbon parts you see are parts of the bypass. The lower and aft section is fix while the upper ( not shown) has been removed. The bypass directs a portion of the air around the engine to augment the air flow through the stainless exhaust tube for thrust and cooling. That's important when the exhaust is 1200+ degs. --Dave Hudson, DCModels

  • (10/12/17)

    RF-8G Model of VFP-62's Vietnam Detachment
    Fatal Loss Off Coast of North Vietnam

    "I was Norm Bundy's [fighter]escort the day (on September 6, 1966) he was lost. I Built this model of Norm's aircraft."---(then) LT. Phil Tremmel VF-14

    Model of LT Tremmel's F-4 Phantom II

    VFP-62 RF-8G Aboard USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) circa Sept. 6, 1966

    [Webmaster's Note: CLICK for more information on -- VFP-62's Vietnam Detachment]

  • (9/26/16) I have four F8U-1s built now, want to have a squadron eventually. I'm on the Britmodeller forum where I posted the work and finished F-8s. Here's the link starting with 138899 and 138900 EXTERNAL LINK: Grant Park display of F8s

    Pat Rogoski

  • (1/18/16) I saw your article on the restoration of 145645, it was excellent. Attached are a couple pics of a model of 145645 [in VFP-63 colors] my friend Mike Wilson built several years back, I hope you enjoy them.

    Ed LaFever

  • Model of the RF-8G displayed at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Washington, D.C.

    (11/3/13) EXTERNAL LINK--Click to see: Beautiful VFP-206 RF-8G Good photos and description of the model technique. Courtesy: Cdr. Peter Mersky

    A Blue Angels F8 Model
    photos & model by Ron Cline

    Contributed by Cdr. Dave "Bio" Baranek, F-14 RIO

  • (1/2/13):

    What if. . . An excellent model conception--Click for more model information by Ron Cline

    Modeled in Memory of Capt. W. C. Larry
    A Gift to His Daughter from Macy VanDeusen

    I still ended up having to do some 'cut-and-paste' with decals not found on the sheet I ordered off eBay. (If only that old decal sheet with VFP-62 markings was still available!!) This model will be a Christmas present for Laura.

    Again, let me just say "Thank You" to you and to John Sees for all the assistance you have given me throughout this project. I couldn't have done it without you and this website.

    May God richly bless you and yours...
    ...Macy VanDeusen

    (4/8/13) Paper Crusader

    VFP-63 RF-8G Models

    (4/22/13), "I too was in the US NAVY, I was a C-2A aircrewman, I got out in 1996 with approx 1800+ hours and at least700 traps( I honestly lost count- I remember the FIRST one, and the HUNDRETH one, all the rest are just terrifying memories!). GREAT web site! I'm currently building a model of Cdr Ecker's RF-8A during 'Blue Moon' " --Tom Baldwin

  • The above contributed by J.J. McKenna

    [Comments on the above models:] A 1/72 scale RF-8G built by Julien Dixon, a modeler from the UK. He modified a Hasegawa kit (probably F-8E) using a cast resin conversion kit by RVHP, a Czech company. I've seen those shots elsewhere besides his Photobucket album, can't remember where. The paint job dates to the '71 and '72 cruises. -Jerry Nolan (VFP-63)

    "This was one of the aircraft we had on our 1971 deployment. The color scheme was one that I came up with. My Air Force exchange pilot made fun of the SAC "racing stripe" I had put on. But since I was in charge, I had 51% of the vote. If you find out where this model is, and who made it, let me know." ---Scott Ruby (VFP-63 pilot) Response to Scott's question: [I looked at the site; appears to be British. A "group build" apparently is just that; a group builds a model in a certain length of time in a contest. At least, that is how it seems to me...JJ McKenna

    Someone did a great job on that model. It's from VFP-63 Det 3 aboard USS MIDWAY in 1971. It had Lt Jerry Brown's name on one side and Lt Paul Ringwood's on the other.

    Below is one of her mates that I built when we got back from that cruise, though it's suffered the pangs and dings of a few worldwide moves since then. I don't remember what brand of kit it was, but I believe it was an F-8C or E and had to be sculpted into an RF8G using modeling clay. I'm gonna take it back into the barn for rework one of these days! I've got the left horizontal stab around here somewhere.

    Mugs Morgan (Air Force exchange pilot with VFP-63)

  • I accessed your page to check on some folks that had served in VFP-62. I have a model of an RF-8 that I was flying when I became the first shootdown of the Vietnam air war on 6 June 1964 over Laos. Jack Clark made my model shown below.

    Chuck Klusmann

    [Webmaster's Note: Chuck flew F-8's from 1962-1968, flying with VF-191, VFP-63, and VX-4. He Flew nearly every model except the J and I. Read his story ("The Price of Freedom") of being shot down over Laos posted on the "Vietnam Operations Page]

    click photo to enlarge

    click photo to enlarge

    More Model Information

  • (4/8/13)EXTERNAL VIDEO: Supersized, Models that Fly Unfortunately no Crusaders but you'll enjoy this flying exhibition of large model aircraft. Contributed by David Duke

  • A 1/72nd scale polyurethane resin conversion kit put out by RVHP of the Czech republic converts the 1/72 Hasagawa F-8E to the RF8. It comes with the markings for VFP-62 Bureau No. 146889 USS Enterprise DET with the black pointer and green dragon painted on the sides. The conversion kit retails for $37.00 and it also comes in the markings of "looks around" VFP-63, you know....that other photo squadron.

  • Toys and Model Corporation,
    41 Woodbine Street,
    P.O. Box 8,
    Bergenfield, N. J. 07621
    Contact Sally J. Cosma, Manager for a good phone price. Telephone 210-384-4014
    Email: sallycosma@worldnet.att.net or toysandmodels@worldnet.att.net -The model they are currently showing is the F8E Crusader. The scale is 1/48 W/S: 97/8" Length: 14" Catalog number C4648F3W. The price is $139.95, but there is a discount if you call directly.

  • C&H Aero Miniatures also make a resin RF8 conversion kit for the 1/48 Monogram F-8E kit. It may also work on the Hasegawa F-8E as well.

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    Updated 3/9/18

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